Recently i have realised the importance of traditions which are followed from long years. Now i know, people are not foolish to follow them. Well, by the word “tradition”, i not only mean, the religious rituals, but also different roles played by an individual (i.e. daughter, son, brother, sister, wife, husband, friend, etc. etc). Responsibilites of every role is defined in our great holy scriptures & are part of our traditions. Do we know them? Even if we know them, do we follow them? We only come to know when we really think hard, self introspect and have a desire to find out what is right & correct too.

Its obvious, if we follow traditions, we are least expected of failures, because its well tested by thousand of people. There is a damn good reason of every tradition , for every pattern, i feel.

Its a mere “trend” to do different things without any fear factor, which in most of the cases causes lot of chaos emotionally, physically and mentally. Y not do same things, with a difference?


This quality deters you from giving right importance to right thing at right time. You are not flexible enough to understand the need of the moment and are into your own rigid thinking, which leads nowhere. We fail to see things which we should have due to our stubbornness. If got rid of this kinda behaviour , its in your self interest.


Can you control how other person behaves with you? You can only hope that he or she will behave good to you. But you can decide to be good to others always and forever and deal with the people who behave bad with you in a hope that they will behave good with you some day. I pray for such people who deliberately or not, behave bad with me and to my surprise, it works.

Praying relieves you and you hand over the matter to God.


Expectations reduces joy of life. Expect less from people. But if some one is expecting from you, don’t fall short in that. Go beyond that persons expectations and see the difference without further expectations, ofcourse! It helps in all relations and acts as a tonic.

Well, there are many lit things which we understand, learn and move ahead. Its not only important to learn new things, talk to new people but also its very important to grow/evolve in as good human being, become more patient, compassionate and kind towards people around us.

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