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Life must have touched each one of us in many different ways. We cry, laugh, are sad , are happy, are angry … and the list continues. At the end of it, everyone of us wants to be happy.

So, What is to be happy? What will make you happy? What is happiness after all?

Before this question, lets see who is happy?
Humm.. Well, Poor people say we dont have money, if we get we will be happy. Similarly, rich people say we are not happy becuase we dont have love in family. People who are unmarried are always looking out for their better halves, on the contrary people who are married are not happy with their marriages. Some people say, happiness lies in nurturing small small pleasures in life, but what if you dont have ur basics in place (roti/kapada/makan)?

After long thoughts and experiences, here are some things which i can share with you.

* Money doesnt buy happiness. That doesnt mean, dont work and earn money, it should be the path to attain happiness and not the goal.
* Friends and Family doesnt buy happiness either. That ofcourse, doesnt mean, that dont be social or dont get married, it means that reduce your expectations from them, that they will make you happy always n consistently.
* “You are being watched always” by God. Remember this and you will not commit any mistakes which will bother you in long run.
* Spiritual maturity is necessary – any religion
* Happiness is in giving and not taking.
* Do everything for what you are responsible for in personal as well as professional life.
* Forgive & be patient.

Well ofcourse, i dont say these are the only things which will attain happiness. Just food for thought.

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