Fusion Of Energies

You wish to rain today and it rains!! Itsn’t it a miracle? In ancient times, our great Yogi’s use to do these unnatural miracles, accumulate lot of energy with their mediations and mantras. Some people are doing it even today. I got to hear lot of true stories from some trustworthy resources and then i started getting questions like : if you listen to nature, does nature listen you? Does nature respond to you in such fantastic manner? If thats so, cant we stop Tsunami’s and natural disasters? Why nature is so cruel, because we are cruel towards nature?

I could think of answers to some questions, but still there are some unanswered questions. I certainly believe that there are some energies acting on us. Positive energies & Negative energies. If you can deal with these energies trying to maximize the postive forces and minimize negative ones, i think that is what is called luck/coincidence/miracle may be.

But what is positive energy? How to accumulate it? What to avoid negative forces to act on us? Can a layman do this? Well, its indeed something different, i would say supernatural.

I would also say, energies are accumulated for us every day, from our day to day activities. There are rays which are falling on us and vibrations which acts on us every day. Say for example, you had a fight with boss, you start hating him, you are not happy with things at home, traffic jams, in all these situations, you will irritated and frustrated, your negative energies are increased. Nevertheless, if you meditate, laugh , try maintaining your cool and forgive others and live and let live, your positive energies are increased. Simply to put it in an equation, greater the positive energies you have, easier for you to live life with peace and joy.

As much as moral values help, we also need physical ways to generated positive energy into our body. We can experience the viberations acting on us when we meditate or do rigourous breathing. After a while we are revitalized and feel rejuvinated. Why? We have generated energy for ourself by doing this. This energy is ofcourse positive.

Yeah, its difficult to accumulate positive energies and everybody cannot do that, and thats why everybody are not saints 🙂 But if we just understand and try this simple principle of life, instead of entangling into worldly bits and pieces, we will be able to talk to nature or use that energy for eternal peace and happiness.

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  1. Hi Fusion,

    I like your articles and i must say whatever you write are extremely close to the truth.
    Fusion of energies is very interesting, i like being positive and meditate over good thoughts to bring positive energy, however at times its way to difficult to snap out of negativity and it takes over me very badly, maybe you will have some suggestions on these.
    Take care

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